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These aren't really opinions. Some fiction is just objectively bad (badly written, badly plotted, or something similar).
I agree, but it can't be objectively bad before it's even been released.

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What show(s) exactly animated by A-1 have had great animation?
Kannagi had some stand out animation, especially contributions from Hiroki Tanaka, and Seiya Numata. Seiya Numata was animation director for episode 2, and contributed key animation as well. That episode was superbly animated. Hiroko Tanaka is another well-known animator who also one of many excellent animators pulled together under the joint Ordet and A-1 Pictures work on Black Rock Shooter. Granted, Hiroki Tanaka is freelance, but the fact is that Yamakan is able to gather some coveted animators for his projects, and his co-founded studio, Ordet has some talented members. Yamakan is also an accomplished episode director. His work on Haruhi and Kannagi was really good on a technical and creative level, and Kannagi showed that he has what it takes to be a series director (contrary to KyoAni's assessment). He's an outspoken director who can really bring a lot to an anime - not many episode directors have become famous for their dance choreography, after all!

Also, if you've ever read any of his interviews, you'll see that he isn't all about otaku-pandering at all. If this series fails, you'll be happy because he announced that he'll retire from anime if that happens. He'll probably just keep going with his live-action directing career XD

And for the record, So-ra-no-wo-to also had good animation, with a high number of drawings per episode. Unless you're making the basic mistake of confusing art and animation, you'll recognise this. I didn't watch Senkou no Night Raid, but episode 1 featured a really well-executed action sequence. Also Birdy the Mighty Decode is broadly recognised as a good example of a 'sakuga' anime by animation fans. Season 2 had some seriously amazing animation work, especially Hiroki Tanaka's stuff. And don't forget that an animation studio doesn't neccesarily imply how something will turn out, they are an ANIMATION studio (although there are exceptions). If A-1 Pictures is given a good original series to work on, there's no reason to say it'll be otaku-pandering, and there's a high chance it will be well-animated.

But I'll agree that Mari Okada's involvement isn't too inspiring.

In future, if you want to dissmiss something offhand, that's fine, but don't jump on someone who disagrees.
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