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Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
I think he only used 2, the rest are just different translations of the same Katon.
I agree though, Kishimoto doesn't seem to have much imagination when it comes to fire attacks. It's all fireball and bigger fireball.
He did have, I think, Itachi, that one time, use a jutsu where he set a bunch of his shurikens on fire. I thought that was a nice changeup.

But generally yes, it is just fire balls and fire streams. I get that when all fire jutsu apparently are released from the mouth, it can be hard to come up with variations, but still. I mean, just off the top of my head, he could give Madara an attack where he spits out tiny embers over different locations, and if one of the kage accidentally nears it or steps on it, it bursts into a giant flame pillar. Just something different like that.
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