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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
I'd say the difference is that you think a person (you) can sit in judgment and decide which protest is valid and which isn't based purely on what you think their message is. I'm sorry to say, but I don't trust you that much. I wouldn't trust you for that even if you had a law degree, a robe, and one of those fancy wigs.
No offense taken, given that I am very cynical in trusting any individual with power. However, there is a core difference between sitting in judgement and having a strict standard, as will be mentioned below.

Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Most protest are for "getting more of the pie", one way or the other. That doesn't make them any less valid than paying a lobbyist to pester lawmakers.
Considering that I also do consider lobbying to be something of responsibility than right, I don't see much of a difference anyway.

Originally Posted by Zakoo View Post
Life in your world must be good. You just need to talk and kindly ask to get what you want. Unfortunately in the rest of the world it wont get you anywhere. If it isnt disruptive nobody is going to listen to you.
Asking for what? Rights that any human being should have, or getting more of the pie or perhaps a better position than before? To me any protest that is not of the former is to be one of responsibility, and thus being disruptive is throwing away the principles of protesting. I'm cynical against ANY protest that is not of a matter of rights. That is why I use alternative measures (bearing pressure in a way that does not have to paralyze society or touch the right of people to be undisturbed).
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