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Originally Posted by Von Himmel View Post
Hahahah nooope

Just a flesh wound!

but seriously though, what the hell is the author thinking?
there are 2 possibilities :
1 - As you all seee and in many jp forum discussion, Restia far out-class all the girl with Est behind at 2nd place and even at 2nd place it's still a big gap to Restia affection level, thus it's neccesary to put her out to let the other girl have a chance or you-know-who to become the main heroine. - this is a rather low percentage possibilities due to the fact if the author actually pull crap like that, it'll leave an extremely bad taste in romance novel and if Kamito actually moving despite Restia sacrifice, that's just make his character terrble.

2 - As Okashira said, the 2nd possibilities is that the next few volumes is going to be Restia-centric since now that:
- the girls know about Kamito secret.
- the girls know about kamito past.
- the story behind 3 years ago is revealed.
- the girls problems now all resolved.
- Rubia is down.
- Dust Witch is no longer tied Kamito down.
- Restia take Ren Ashdoll down so Claire position as a dark priestess is possibly nullified.
Basically, there is a high possibilities that the author will try to pull a Fairy dance or yureka - basically , new settings and a new cast of character with possibly Ren Ashbell being the new MC instead of Kamito and go on a travel since that all prior problem have been resolved and the reason why Kamito attend the academy was for Restia in the 1st place, even if he have comrades in the school it still isn't strong enough of a reason to tied him down. More over, it'll behard to exploit anymore plot inside the school and and the story of spirt King if Kamito only stay in 1 place. But if this happened it'll pretty much screamed "Restia end" so it'll remain a possibilities.

Originally Posted by endarion88 View Post
for how much i like restia i was tired of this overused and completly WRONG concept of power up by dualwielding.
In reality if one were to pass from normal to dualwield like this he will only get weaker and a lot, the only dualwielding effective tecnique is maibe the main gauce were you use the non dominant arm almost only for parry and is a dueling style not meant for a pure battle, lot of soldier who went in battle dualwielding died right away LOL
exept maybe for nordic berserker and wulfetnar but becouse they were under effect of drugs to ignore pain and such.
if a normal person were to try it out of nothing whitout the proper training will istantly notice that his attacks result slower and weaker becouse you use only one hand for sword and you will use effectively the offhand like 1 times out of 6 and will get tired in few minutes

i would really prefer kamito to power up by summoning est to full power (gigantic blade as in vol 1) than dualwield i'm really tired of this retardness
offering my own view as a nitoryu user( i'm practice hyouho ni Ten ichiryuu and kendo) :
1- most cases when 1 person switch from ittoryu(1 sword) to nitoryuu(2 sword) get weaker is true, however that is due to have no prior trainning and experieces, armstrength neccesary to perform nitoryuu techniques and Kamito have dual trainning prior and arm strength, leave aside experiences since we don't know how he train, i can turn a blind eye to this.
2 - Nitoryuu is mainly for battle, the reason is the fact by nature, nitoryuu is an extremely defensive style ( Yes, it's defense, not offense) so in a 1 on 1 duel, if the nitoryuu user is good enough, even if he can't took down opponent the opponent can hardly get a hit on him either. Regarding arm strength and dominant arm, trainning can overturn that, at least, i myself do success at trainning to perform nitoryuu.
3 - to coment on techniques, 16 hit rush can be overlook though it still a stupid move since most nitoryuu based- attack mostly consist of 1 sword attack and the other keep at side for posssibly defense and perform the next attack( 2 swords attack the same time attack do exist but they are extremely limited) but the counter that using 2 sword is just stupid, nitoryuu do have counter but by nature counter is something use by timing and split second movement so using 2 sword to counter that, i doubt a Hachidan sensei can pull a counter with 2 sword at the same time.
With that said, my suggestion is to just overlook the techniques and enjoy the story, it hurt no one if some skills is a little over the top and unrealistic.

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