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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
Hayate said he was planning on begging/haggling a cheap yakuniku restaurant for beef priced at 100 yen per gram... well, before he dug himself into a hole by raising everyone's expectations even further.

I was wondering whether that's really cheap or not.
Personally, I would have to see the original Japanese to check. As I remember, the most expensive dish in Jojoen's Kabukicho branch was 4,500 yen per dish (special galbi), so 100 yen per gram doesn't make sense. For comparison, the Korean restaurant I mentioned above (Budnamujip) was 50,000 won per dish of galbi, at 250 grams, and that was actually one of the cheaper dishes, with deungshim (sirloin) and anchangsal (outside skirt steak) both going at 60,000 won per 130 grams.
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