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Guys -- I saw the "Occupy" movement from both sides. While I wandered about in plain clothes and while I got harassed going to work in a suit.

The movement started as a way to bring attention to general dissatisfaction with the finance industry and income imbalances -- then just general dissatisfaction overall. The problem is, it basically amounted to people squatting in one place and whining. People started doing drugs and others treated it like a mini-festival or event. The big failure is that having managed to mobilized so many people in so many places all over the world -- their message got lost and they didn't actually get all these people to do anything.

They sat around and complained. They blocked traffic and harassed people going to work. They didn't get organized and actually go and "do" anything. I did read an article that the OWS "chapter" started renting an office in NY back in Dec 2011, and that they were basically trying to work on policy and start lobbying.
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