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@Sumeragi: We've fought long and hard in the west for the right to protest. So long as the protests are orderly, people should be allowed to protest about whatever they want. It's the bedrock of our system. It keeps our politicians afraid. Protesters have shut society down before, and we can do so again.

As for OWS, while I would criticise the movement for not trying to form more of a programme, I think the protesters as a whole had plenty of justifiable grievances. I am young and unemployed, and I feel I can understand why so many of the protestors felt agrieved. Our age group has horrendously high unemployment (it's even worse in Europe), sky-high student loans, little economic opportunity, and the laws have been changed such that even if we do get jobs we're basically treated like disposable commodities. The current economic order has been stacked against us. We're told "get a job", but what are you supposed to do when no one will give you one?

Now I don't think the government can really solve all these problems, and perhaps that's why OWS chose not to half specific demands. The aim of the movement was to draw attention to the issues facing us, and start a dialogue about it. And you know what, I'd say it's worked. A lot more has been done since OWS to try to address the needs facing young people. It's still not enough(and to be honest, it's not an easy problem to solve), but at least there's a realisation by the powers that be that there isn't much more we can do on our own to get jobs. We're not "lazy hippies" out of any kind of choice.

The only real option for us is to make our work, but we're stuck with the issue that most of us, fresh out of college, have no kind of seed capital (no rich parents to borrow money from...), and don't have sufficient workplace experience to know how to start one. We had a contract with society that if we worked hard completing all this education, we'd have a decent lifestyle at the end, and society has reneged on it's side of the bargain. We've been educated for the dole queue.

That's my interpretation about OWS. Everyone has their own view on it. But I'd say OWS was an improvement over staying at home and angrily typing on forums about how our lives suck. People at least are now paying some attention.
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