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Originally Posted by Darknemo2000 View Post
Kaisos Erranon, I never said I am always right. If you cannot read my comments thoroughly then don't read them. I can do without your lame quoting of things I never said.

Vexx, the clues as I said is not from romantic perspective and not shed in a romantic light at all, they are all from the friendly/similar spirits perspective. I am sure that you would use such arguments as in rubbing feet against ones back and so on, but they do not indicate romance - they indicate the closeness that is not necessarily romantic and is not romantic as neither of the act perceivers perceive it as an romantic.

The romantic relationship is not there as it has no romantic perception. When there will be - then the relationship can be called romantic. It is not even confusing relationship for either of them, meaning that it really is what it is - a bond between two similar spirits. But it is not a romance.
Ah well... the specific examples you give exactly fit my definition of "romance" - actually a much truer deeper romance than the simple puppy love and hormone intoxication often portrayed in anime as "romance". The build up here would be to the "epiphany".
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