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Aw, c'mon, it wasn't so bad was it? I got a kick out of watching Gohan and Piccolo exchange "pleasantries". Krillin is so pathetic that it's hard for me not to laugh as he tries explaining things to Chi Chi, who could very well tear his spine out on a whim. And Goku starting his Snake Way trek felt properly-paced...he didn't spend forever in the office, but still got enough laughs in before taking off.

All in all, it was a good episode despite the lack of action. I'm still digging the pacing so far. It wouldn't feel right if they only jumped from fight to fight...the intermediary decompression segments are totally necessary IMO. It adds personality.
Only the stuff I mentioned in my previous post was filler material, which took up a fairly good portion of time. Besides that, it was a good informative episode with good pacing. I just don't like how Toei is omitting canon material in favor of retaining unnecessary filler. That is just wrong. This project is supposed to be a "Toriyama's cut" version in an attempt to follow the manga as closely as possible. Toei has not been completely faithful in adhering to this intent/purpose.
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