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So are the game spoilers real? Fo' real real?
They spoiled the whole thing in a ******* game!? I guess they really don't give a shit anymore..

^So you want to watch a war show without deaths? They are on war, whatever significance they have on the show, they can be killed anytime.

This is still a fictional story. Any story, regardless of genre, needs to be realistic (within the context of the universe) and most of all, believable. And of course the death of an importent character makes the climax even more exiting, but this should not be the motive to kill of characters randomly.

It's not about which character dies or how many, but it's about how and why. A death scene in any kind of writing needs to be relevent in relation to the story and obviously, well written. it's equally important as the introduction of the character, if not more. Just like how a screenplay is divided into setups; characters, whatever they are flat or round characters they have character arcs. the last part of the arc can not end with: 'And then he just died!'

Realism can not be an excuse for poor writing. I hope the Age writers get at least this one right.

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