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Originally Posted by Raysoul View Post
So how should they die?

As what I have read:

-Fram still hopes Zeheart to change, sacrifices herself
-Zanald is a bad guy
-Obright SACRIFICES himself to save Diva
-Seric told Natora to fire even he is on the line of fire

They are all side characters. Motives are enough, but not too flashy. Do all characters need flashy deaths? Tell me a war related anime that has all characters dying characters has a flashy death.
....what are you talking about? I was explaining why i think your statement 'anyone can die anytime, cuz this is realistic war bro!' is wrong. because this is not a documentary, but fiction writing. I didn't say anything about Age, as the last few episodes are probably still in production (And I still don't know if those spoilers are true or not).

And as for your question regarding 'flashy deaths' (whatever the f*k that means): no they don't have be "flashy", do they have to be relevant: Hell yes!
If you still don't understand, read my previous post again.

Originally Posted by Raysoul View Post
It depends if you think the writers have done right or wrong. Not all things will favor in the viewer's perspective, as it is a storytelling by the writers.
I think he is trying to say that Age is not particularly wel written..

The writers can write whatever they want. And we can say whatever we want about the writing.
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