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All I ask is that characters remain consistent and that their decisions make sense when contrasted with their development throughout the series. Zeheart becoming a cheapo version of Giren, Patrick Zala, or Ribbons doesn't make any sense when you look at his development all throughout Gen 2. Hell that's just as bad, if not worse than Durandal in Destiny, that goes from being a decent, reasonable guy to a madman who goes around blowing shit with a giant laser including his own troops. The villains I mentioned earlier all used similar weapons, but they slowly got to that point, they made increasingly irrational and/or evil decisions. Let's look at Patrick Zala for example, he doesn't just go from loving father one episode to genocidal mad man...No, he starts out small, making comments here and there, then he escalates and escalates up until he ends up doing what he does at the end. Zeheart just goes from completely opposing Ezelcant to accepting to carry out his will and forsaking everything he stands for in the span of a couple of minutes.... That's as if Patrick Zala had gone from talking with Siegel Clyne about Naturals to blowing up his own troops with Genesis without lying to the counsil about Spritbreak, bulding the NJCs, arresting Athrun, assassinating Siegel and trying to do the same to Lacus in between.
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