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Considering where Zeheart is going, he should be killed by one of his subordinates for being a giant tool. hell Flit, or even Kio would be better choice than Asemu, if the Super Pilot crap wasn't annoying already, I can't imagine after it happens.
Asemu is literally the only person he ever knew, and his only ever friend. What's so unfitting about Asemu having to be the one to put him down? There are only two characters in the series (maybe three) who would be satisfying to see finish Zeheart. They are Zanald because of his long known discontent with him, Asemu for his friendship with him, and maybe that Zera dude because Zeheart took his place as ruler and he might be envious about it (but it seems they won't be going that direction with Zera's character).

Nobody else makes sense, or would be even remotely satisfying to watch in my opinion.
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