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Originally Posted by Shinji103 View Post
I'm not sure why they didn't leave the name Huckebein on the EX-exbein. Nevermind that the name "EX-exbein" sounds dumb, there was nothing wrong with the name Huckebein itself, hence why we still have MP Huckebein Mk IIs. The original Exbein Ash was just a testbed machine for getting data on new parts and equipment so that name made sense, but the EX-exbein is an actual full-blown sucessor to the Huckebein line.
Personally, I just call it the Mk X, as per its codename that Rob pointed out.
That's because to us, it's dumb. The name is actually something like Egzechbein. I still not trust that copyright shit, though. The Galinagant is pretty much a Huckebein, and did you see Duraxyll?

And those things that you said "magically" appeared, I vaguely remember they are explained in-game.
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