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Could a Drug Prevent Brain Aging?:

"Sharply reducing calorie intake, by as much as 40 percent, could slow aging in cells
and may even prolong life span, studies have suggested. Now, researchers say
they have found a way to mimic the beneficial effects of calorie restriction on the
brain with a drug."

"In the new study, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
focused on how calorie restriction affects brain cells. They showed that restricting
the calorie intake of laboratory mice by 30 percent boosted levels of an enzyme in
the brain, and delayed the loss of nerve cells that can accompany decline in brain

The calorie-deprived mice also did better on memory tests, compared with their
well-fed counterparts.

Then, the researchers mimicked calorie restriction they fed the mice a regular
diet, but also gave them the enzyme-blocking drug. These mice had better
functioning brain cells, and did better on cognitive tests, just as the mice that
were fed a calorie-restricted diet."

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