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Originally Posted by aiwa
First off this is a great show, funny as heck and have to love the Ecchi gets kind of nasty with the Baka Trio sometimes (steam room scene *shudders*) But anyways i am wondering what everyone thinks the probability of it being licensed anytime soon is? I am kind of half and half on this one. It has some themes in it that some production companies that aren't H-anime companies will stay away from. But on the other hand it is so popular and funny and is only really ecchi, except with the Beat *shudders again*
Well, actually, some of the stuff in the Green Green anime is even worse than anything the Green Green game had...

But I'd say that there's a very low probability that this one gets licensed, since so far most (I want to say all, but I'm not sure if there's one that I am not thinking of) h-game converted animes have not been licensed...
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