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Originally Posted by ani_d View Post
Kawamori history?
Macross Frontier is an anniversary edition, that is why you see tons of past Macross homages (what you call Kawamori history) practically littered in each episode. It's a given that it will trace back to its roots, to give back old fans who've stayed with the franchise for 25 years, and draw new fans at the same time. For the love triangle, the homage began when they dedicated Triangular to the SDF-M love triangle, and went on full throttle the moment Alto grabbed for Ranka in the first episode the exact same way Hikaru grabbed for Minmei in the beginning. While all six people in the two love triangles are their own characters, it's relatively easy to determine the flow of MF's love triangle as it seems to be loosely based on SDF's as well, especially with the latest episode.

I'm merely pointing out that this is the happiest state Alto has been in the entire 12 episode
You see it as that, I see it as a preparation for Alto x Ranka in the early settings. I have no doubt that Alto and Ranka will get together in the next two episodes, There's tons of blushes here and there, to be honest, it's incredibly rushed, too rushed for my liking but that's the best you could do if you want to fire up the love triangle.
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