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The link is from russia today, but cause of 1 ad with a woman in underwear with a pair of cuffs behind her on the bed, it may be NSFW, (else the rest of the website is fine) but I'll copy the story into a spoiler here.

Hairdresser turns robber into sex-slave

Sorry but I can't believe the audacity of the man. If I knew she'd have the rape charged thrown against her, I'd have told her to just stick with the hot curling iron instead for a GBH charge just to make him think twice about the next time he feels like robbing a bunch of women at gunpoint. -.-

There are holes in this story as it's reported, I know, hence its in the odd news story, but semi amusing nonetheless.
If that story's true, that he tried to rob her in no way justifies or excuses her actions. Rather than turn him over to the police, she held him captive and sexually assaulted the guy for 3 days. That's much worse than the initial robbery.
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