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Oh, I don't know that it's worse. If he'd just tried to burglarize and steal without violence, I'd agree. But he did bring a gun into it.
He would have held her long enough to get the money. She held him for 3 days, tied up. Even without the rape, it's still worse.

Originally Posted by aneroph View Post
What the heck is wrong with this guy? He walks in expecting to get some money then most likely be arrested for burglary. He walks out of there 3 days later, sexually fulfilled beyond what any man could ever want, an extra 30 bucks and a new pair of jeans. He should be thrown in jail for having hit an illegal jackpot of some kind. The woman should be given a medal of honor for not only fending off the perpetrator, but also sending him off with a bit of money, fresh pair of jeans, and more sex than the man will ever be able to have again. If his genitals were injured I can only imagine how bad hers had to be. Seems like it was two crazy deviants that both got what was coming to them.
Yes, I'm sure he enjoyed it as much as a woman does when she's raped. According to the story, he was force fed viagra, which is most likely what did the damage to his genitals. In fact, it's entirely possible he suffered permament damage and will be impotent for the rest of his life. Read the warning label on that stuff. In any event, he most certainly wasn't willing.
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