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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
Added to that, I expect that any frontal sand attacks could simply be dissolved, leaving only absorption attacks, which could actually harm Crocodile if he absorbs any of the poison.
How would Crocodile's frontal sand attacks be dissolved/liquefied? Just by coming into contact with the liquid poison on Magellan's body? I don't think there is enough liquid on his body to completely nullify Crocodile's attacks.

This situation would be somewhat analogous to Gear 2 Luffy vs. Aokiji. In Gear 2, Luffy's body generates a significant amount of heat, as shown both when his skin complexion changes and steam comes out. However, this would not be enough to break through/weaken Aokiji's Ice Logia defenses, I feel.

Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
That being said, what is to stop Crocodile from simply running away? Ivankov is not there to prevent him from doing anything bad, so I actually expect Crocodile to betray Luffy sometime soon…
Agreed. This sounds very plausible at this point. Ivankov is no longer there to keep him in check, and since Luffy is Magellan's primary target, he can use the opportunity to escape when they begin to fight. Their duel will be his diversion to get away.
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