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What is the point of the Shichibukai group? Yes they make deals with WG, perform duty for them and maintain the balance between the The Three Great Power. But what good is it if they are untrustworthy and unreliable. When the coming war starts does the WG expect them to really hold up on there words? The Shichibukai are more likely to turn on the WG then fight with them. Bartholomew Kuma save the staw hat crew from destruction and defied Admiral Kizaru when he asks questions at the island. Marshal D. Teach does what ever he wants regardless of if he looses Shichibukai Status or keeps it. Crocodile was given chance to have his Shichibukai status but declined it. Boa Hancock helped Luffy get into impel Down. Gecko Moria ass got kicked by the straw hat crew. Jinbei was revoked because he didn't want to fight White Beard. The Shichibukai are like wild cards. If white beard dies there will be huge power vacuum in the world. White Beard, WG, any of the Shichibukai members, four great pirates, or black beard could have possible advantage. Why does the world government keep such a risk group like these with them knowing they could turn on them? They should get more admirals with logia powers to replace the Shichibukai groups.

The same reason why they let Gaoler Shiryuu out even though he's a known criminal.

And yes, I agree.
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