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Steins;Gate - Game Thread

I'm curious why no one's started a thread on this, but I guess I'll begin here.

The game was released by 5pb and Nitro+ on Oct. 15, 2009 of this year, and takes place within the same world as CHAOS;HEAD after the Shibuya incident.

My synopsis:
The game’s premise revolves around a man named Okabe Rintarou, who goes to a meeting regarding time travel. While he’s wandering around, he finds that 18-year old Makise Kurisu has been murdered. After leaving the building in a hurry, he decides to send a cellphone mail regarding the murder. However, the moment the mail is sent, the world changes, and Rintarou feels as if something had changed at that moment. The people around him have disappeared, and when he looks up at the top of the building he’s just left, he finds a satellite has crashed into the rooftop.

Only hours later does he bump into Makise Kurisu, who was supposed to have been killed…
I've already cleared the game, and have summaries available for people to read (warning, spoiler alert!):

My review of Steins;Gate (relatively spoiler-free, I think? It should be):

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