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Chihayafuru - Episode 3

Good episode, good direction, fun characters, well-produced, etc. I really like the three-man competition - Arata was competing against Chihaya and Taiki rather than the opposition! That really brings me back to Hikaru no Go.

To further emphasize the kind of show this is, Chihaya went out of her way to declare that karuta was a sport, not just a game.

Originally Posted by king12354 View Post
I want a little more clarification about the game. Are there only 100 poems? So for each game, the cards are rearranged in a different order, right?
For the version they're playing, that's right. Each player is given a set of cards and can place them however they like on their half of the playing surface. Part of the strategy is to place them where it's most convenient for yourself and least convenient for your opponent.

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Love it, love it, love it. When episode 3 continue the flashback I thought I will be mad ( I want the gorgeous Chihaya! One of the beautiful female characters this year and the opening and ending doesn't help) but it was great. My favourite part was their team fight with Chihaya and Taichi's frustrations towards Arata for dominating the fight.
That should be the end of the flashback. The characters aren't going to be in touch with each other after this point until they reach high school. There were two important points that had to be covered in the flashback: Chihaya gaining her passion for karuta and showing that promise in the initial flashback in episode 1. We've got all that, so it's time for new material.

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There are variations of Karuta decks with their own poems. There are even Karuta decks that use Shakespeare. For clubs and tournaments, I imagine they list what particular deck they are using, so the participants and members know what poems they have to memorize.
For competitive karuta, I think that only the Hundred Poems are the only kinds of cards used. Since the Hundred Poems are a major symbol in the show (and it's right there in the title!), I doubt we're going to see any other kind of decks.
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