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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Actually, caring what someone else thinks of you is the very definition of egotism. I personally found what she said pretty revolting, but it's clear that Chihaya has played into this dysfunction by totally subverting her own individuality in support of her sister's glorification.

Seems like Chihaya and Taichi have the exact opposite family situation. Taichi's family obsesses over everything he does and demanding that he always succeed, and Chihaya's family places no priority on what she does whatsoever.
I do not think wanting people to love or admire you is egocentric. I think thinking that you or your achievements are better than others' is. I haven't seen any evidence yet that Chihaya's onee-chan would be unable to support Chihaya's own dreams and passions; all I have perceived so far is that she is jealous of Chihaya's love and support.
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