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Originally Posted by solomon View Post
That being said, personally, I see the type of shows that that audience is into is rather narrow.

Simply put there's very little made for non otaku audiences over the age of 18, at least from what I have seen ..
Hmmmm, all I can say is that I've collected more series than ever in the last couple of years that non-otaku over-18.... actually non-anime fans found interesting and entertaining. Series like.... Spice&Wolf, REC, Kamichu!, Kurozuka, Ichigo Masimaro, Love*Complex, Soul*Eater, TTGL, and others have all been hits with different people who aren't otaku by any definition (though not everyone liked every series).

There's diversity out there.. but I'll readily acknowledge its a bit thin -- mostly due to the economy, imo. Producers will gravitate to the types of shows with the highest probability of a revenue stream -- any US tv viewer is aware of the infinite numbers of CSI/Law&Order/murdercrime series on tv, etc. The trend to overkill isn't exclusive to anime

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