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I am implying that otaku pandering is no one thing. It's not moe nor is it fanservice. It's an anime that is specifically made just for them to feel comfortable about themselves with all the familiar elements they like. Comfort food.
Just to be absolutely clear, though, when most people complain about anime's "lack of diversity" or its insistence on "otaku pandering", their proposed solution is almost always "they should pander more to me instead". Very few people spare a thought about "lack of diversity" when it would mean more shows they don't care about (and, as the logic typically goes, less of those they do). It's extremely rare to find viewers who are deeply concerned about anime strictly as a form of pure art. At the end of the day, entertainment is "comfort food" for all of us, so everyone's inevitably motivated primarily by themselves (and perhaps whatever group of friends they want to reach out to or impress).
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