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Has anime changed? Maybe. The trend on protagonist characterization certainly have.

There currently seems to be an increase of the "ordinary student guy", the one who at the beginning is perfectly normal, maybe even bland. nothing special, no great talents, not good at making friends, some even going so far as being losers.

And then the "call" happens, something like accidentally finding an artifact of HAXX that suddenly makes him a major player in an epic war.

But...he stays normal. He joins the adventure and kicks ass, but that's because he has the HAXX power to kick ass, not because he's experienced or trained.
There are several things at work I think. There is the basic wish fulfillment concept. "What if a normal kid, all of a sudden had amazing powers, what would he do with it?". The backbone of many superhero stories and it's been around for while (I think Stan Lee's Spiderman was the first in 62?) .

Another thing is that there are more anime adaptions of RPGs where the main character is a generic everyman, little more than an avatar for the player. When adapted to anime the character usually retains his bland and unremarkable features.

Probably the most important factor is the popularity of the Seikai-kei concept in anime. In which everything (often literally) depends on the relationship between a weak, powerless boy and a strong-willed girl with powers/talents/abilities.

Originally Posted by Tiresias View Post
I miss shows like Patlabor, where the heroes were not the ones with some uber-powerful mechs - with shows today, whenever a hero kicks ass I tend to think "that's not him being awesome, that's his mech being awesome". And the protagonists are not the Chosen One or someone who accidentally found a Plot Item of Destiny, they're people who consciously enlist for the job and become good at what they do because they constantly practice for it.
Patlabor is an example of a show where a very talented creative team twists the tropes and formulas of the genre. Occasionally anime like this show up, but they have always been rare regardless of what was popular at the time.
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