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Originally Posted by com_gwp View Post
Inori is Kerrigan.

Shu is Raynor.


(No, really, I can't be the only one who thought this when she went queen of blades on us)
Wait how is that comparable. Kerrigan was a bitch, an actual bitch who can't blame her actions on a split personality, she killed freaking Fenix, and screwed over several other Brotoss, plus wiping about billions of people in the galaxy, she earned her title as queen bitch of the universe. This girl just has split personality issues.

Also SC1 Jim Raynor was awesome, not the sc2 hans solo wannabe, who couldn't get over his issues.

Anyway.... Seems Shu's "redemption" officially starts next ep.

Originally Posted by Xaturas View Post
It wasn't Gai but Leucocyte or whatever that satellite weapon is called.
You have that kid who they freed from prison (Remember the ep where they invaded GHQ to free that gagged kid) operating it. Dunno if he is inside or on ground but he is the one operating that satellite laser.
Supposedesly there's several hundred under Japanese control. How that happened? God knows....

Originally Posted by Endscape View Post

Those satellites probably belong to GHQ, and it seems Gai is deep in that organization, so yeah...

As for the ancient organization thing, that's such a staple, I can't mind it, really.
That doesn't answer question though. How did the other countries let that happen? Just how? Did they not notice the several hundred orbital strike capable weapons Japan just so happened to be launching up there?
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