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Originally Posted by Tenchi Hou Take View Post
Supposedesly there's several hundred under Japanese control. How that happened? God knows....
Theres a lot of WTF moments in GC, and a lot of WTF plot twists in GC.
But I still think that hundreds of those satellites are overstatement. It just impossible.
Hell I will probably be like a "Haruka forgiveness earned +10" in next ep.

Originally Posted by InternHertz View Post
All I'm hoping for is that Shu is going to rip Haruka apart. Damn b*tch >< I wish a lot of people die in those that are left, but I want to see her suffer the most.
Thats the problem. I kinda don't like her myself. But it seems that next episode she will get a "remembering flashbacks with young Shu" and then she will help him get 3rd void. Even in this ep under shower there was *that atmosphere* about her. Which makes me kinda go O_o. I just cannot picture that woman mind, one second she hurts her son and next second she do a 180 turn around.
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