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@ Tenchi
well not exactly i think inori is mana but still asleep.. i forgot what episode it was but thy showed baby shu,mana,gai and the whole lost Christmas incident. but long story short mana dies and gai leaves and all of a sudden we have inori.
then if u watched the ep about the wedding that old man tried to have with inori too shu impales her and gai through so its safe to assume that mana has power over all voids and i dunno why people are obsessed with marrying her forcefully. its kinda pathetic.
but for you all who haven't seen ep 19 preview gai is also trying to tie that knot... i won't spoil the rest but i really really really hate neo gai
Yeah I know all that, I'm not talking about mana, mana more about the alien alter ego that wanted to mate with Shu which inori clearly shows traits of. Basically Inori is part mana/was made from mana's void and that alter ego of mana wants her to do what the original mana couldn't.
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