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Araragi raging on his shadow was phenomenal, and finally answers the question "when is Shinobu finally going to get so bored of this interminable ecchi bullshit that she intervenes?"

Again the jokes go on juuust a little too long, and highlight how thin Nise's story is stretched compared to its predecessor, but at least all of them are clever, and funny. Surprised to hear people say they cut things out, or shortened them, because episode 9 felt like it had plenty of padding upon first viewing.

Hachikuji's scenes are surprisingly some of my favorite parts of Nise. She's a great sparring partner for Araragi this time around, and I love how he never actually molests her during 09, but is constantly teasing it. Is he encountering her more often specifically because he's avoiding going home to study?

Speaking of avoiding, Tsubasa's scene reminds me, wasn't there a similar scene in Bake where he called her, and she claimed she was "studying", but was actually out wandering around? I assume she's avoiding going home. It's a little sad to see that the events of Tsubasa Cat didn't do much to change her tendency to obfuscate, or be dishonest about how she's feeling.
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