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Originally Posted by avmoghe
After a rather long delay due to academic reasons (grad school exams, for one), I have finally finished watching Gundam Seed Destiny. I was most reminded of Gundam X - the ending seemed to be simply tacked onto the series with little regard to whether it connected with the rest of the series. I had high hopes for the series, but it ended up being just another mediocre series like most of the Gundam Franchise.

In either case, concerning the topic at hand, here is my ranking (I've seen everything that has been ranked in its entirety).

1.) Gundam Seed - After having seen almost every Gundam show, this one remains my clear favorite. Despite its obvious flaws, I still maintain that nothing else in Gundam compares to the last third of the series. This is among my all-time favorite series along with Juuni Kokki, Crest/Banner of the Stars, and Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

2.) MSG Movies - The movies show substantial improvement (in content, as well as animation) over what I've seen of the TV series. The compression of over 40 episodes into three movies rarely allows for a dull moment. This is an excellent trilogy.

---- All of the series ranked below are ones which I thought were simply mediocre.
3.) Victory Gundam
4.) 0083
5.) Zeta Gundam
6.) 0080
7.) Char's Counterattack
8.) ZZ Gundam
9.) Gundam X
10.) Gundam Seed Destiny
11.) 08th MS Team
12.) Gundam Wing - Endless Waltz
----The only Gundam entry that I classify as 'bad'
13.) Gundam Wing


Note: I've seen 6 episodes of G Gundam, and don't think I can bear to watch anymore. I've yet to complete Turn A Gundam.
Since I cannot claim to have completed Turn A and G Gundam, they are not ranked.

avmoghe, long time no see...

Lmao For someone that thinks Gundam is pretty mediocre, you seem to have no problem owning and serving nearly every series ... I actually have gotten atleast 15 eps of Victory from you, I'd snag all your eps (on mx) if you'd open up the bandwidth a little bit ...3 and1/2 hrs per dl is killing me and your eps are better quality than the other sources I leech from...So help me out a little, up those kbs ...

Usually this is the point were I try to expose you for your views and mind-boggling rankings, but I remeber you well from a debate looooooong ago...You are the person that can't stand watching a series unless everything is wrapped up in a nice, TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE way...If I remember correctly you pretty much hate all series that leave endings up to interpretation of the veiwers or that finish with open-ended conclusions (which is funny since GS also ends a bit abrubtly without a clear sense of what happened after Kira's fight other than some background blather about treaties being signed)...So I can understand why you put such a mediocre spin on the Gundam franchise, because many of the series end without finite conclusions...Something I remember you telling me really bothers you (Zeta and CCA being the most glaring)...So I forgive your harshness and look to get more eps from you later, but can a brutha get atleast 25kbs per dl ??
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