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I think I can confidently say that I hate this show. That's a first for me. And it makes me really sad to admit this I wanted to love this show, as I think I've said before somewhere.

Originally Posted by Zuul View Post
I have been attacked on it before, but some people (me included) think that the writting staff were really aware of how flawed Kawamori's idea for the main drama were and they did intentionnally troll him.
That would be a stupid move, commercially, as sales will likely not be great for this (I hope), and might have been better if they'd tried to salvage what they could.
On the other hand, I can see someone being handed this kind of idea and going "screw it".
However, what is still inexplicable is how can someone create something like Macross on the one hand and then come up with the absolute drivel that is this show? And also, who authorised this project in the first place?
In all honesty, the way this show progressed is something you'd expect from a newbie fanfiction author, not experienced staff with numerous big titled to their name. It's just really strange...

By the way, despite them not having any interaction in the show, simply removing the triangle and making Kagura Zessica's love interest instead of Mikono's would've improved things drastically. Sure, they would've completely overshadowed AmataxMikono because they are actually interesting people, but it would've made for a much smoother and more interesting plot. As it is, EVOL is just plain the worst show I've seen in years.
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