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Originally Posted by ronin myael View Post
but i doubt the name god slayer has anything to do with slaying gods. maybe it's just a name given to power that is so strong it's deemed to be stronger than that of a god's.

so it looks like chelia is the one who has that so-called "strange" magic that jellal was talking about, huh?

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Could be. The first Godslayer we've seen didn't give much of an explanation aside from boasting about how superior he was to Natsu's Dragonslaying.
Honestly I think Mashima just thought "I wanna make Natsu fight a stronger fire dragonslayer." but introducing another could enrage the fans so he made the next best thing, a Godslayer, which is the same only a bit different...and then he probably liked it and rolled with it so now we have 2, maybe 3, godslayers.

What's next? Phoenixslaying? Minotaurslaying? Unicornslaying?

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