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Campione really foreshadowed and hinted Godou true desire from the early Volumes, especially his feelings towards the female who kissed him. When making the ritual, they said they have to kiss, the spell didn't say they have to kiss passionately. Which Godou, I believe, knew this whole time, but yet continued to passionately kiss his woman despite them trying to make it simple.

And what makes Godou forceful nature better than Akatsuki (Hagure Yuusha) forceful nature is that the girls Godou does it with him are pretty much okay with it. It has been stated many times that Erica, Ena, and Lililana has the powers and arm strength to escape from Godou or even hit him afterward. But they never do, well expect they get embarrassed. While they seem to be very in control at most times, the girls do seem to desire for a strong and in control kind of guy which Godou show traits of that. The problem most people have with Akatsuki is that most of the girls he meet...come across as sexual assault. He peeps on them, he steals their underwears, he even openly admitted in the beginning of the story that he molested a few girls. When Godou kiss a girl, it has to be done for him to get the power.

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