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Originally Posted by kramerica View Post
He's dead until the story needs him :P

Zero requiem could just mean it's the end of his current life as Lelouch. Like death in arcana terms, it's not physical death, but a transition to another phase in life.
I agree, and there's nothing wrong with him living if he chooses to live in a secluded area by himself/with C.C...In fact I prefer that to be the case, that C.C. passed on the immortality to Lelouche and that he will keep her smiling for the rest of her life until she passes away of old age.

And honestly I wish they'd be continuing with the current code geass plot, like x years after the supposed "death" of the evil king lelouche, shits going down again, and what seems like total utter chaos = saved by Lelouche.

Anyway, really just wishing he'd stick with C.C. and fulfill his promise to her, that she will die with a smile on her face.
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