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Took some time to check the Philippine dub cast and here's what I got:

Spoiler for PH Dub Cast:

Now you know why some people complain that the voices in Love Live Philippine Dub sound too old. With the cast primarily composed of veteran VAs (with only the VAs of Kotori, Rin, and Nozomi being considered as rookies relative to the other VAs) it's bound to happen.

The PH voice acting industry nowadays is in shambles, is nowhere near the old glory days of Voltes V (along with living VA legend Mr. Joonie Gamboa) and 90s anime PH dubs, and is easily light years away from the HUGE Japanese seiyuu industry.

You know what I think? There must be some annual or seasonal VA auditions for anime fans like HERO TV used to do in the Anime Boom of the 2000s. The younger the better, but the older ones are welcome also as long as they can voice much younger characters.

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