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Originally Posted by Von Himmel View Post
Xillia 3?

I think I'm getting one for Milla and Leia.. dunno about the other though. I still don't see any costume dlc that took my likings for the boys.

also.. it seems that we have multiple endings in this game? I'm worried whether I could get good ending or not if there's critical choice later in the game
From what I read in a 2ch thread, apparently you will get a sort of bitter-sweet ending for the first play. It is speculated that you can get a True End on the second play. Haven't visited that thread since yesterday so I'm not sure how it's really going. I personally think that it is highly likely since there're lots of new decision-making events that only appear in the second play (based on the live broadcast I'm following).

Ludgar's Geass costume was quite good on eyes; it made him looked more manlier than his default costume ^^" On the other hand, I don't like Leia's one though. The costume only was fine but her Karen hairstyle somehow gave odd feelings ^^"

So they already got the next Tales planned? If they really are going to release a new game per year then they got to be extra careful about the quality... Not sure if I should take people from 2ch seriously, but apparently there are some hardcore fans who are unhappy with the recent Tales. Is Symphonia and Vesperia that godly? They keep referring to that two titles a lot. I didn't like Symphonia's protagonist so I've never really check it out

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