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They do have some of those stalls at a shrine festival, (Not the 'Dunk A Shrine Maiden' one), but the others as well. It's mostly vendors and such too. I remember them from watching Black Lagoon and Revy was cussing up a storm when she went to a festival.

She was sadfase that there was no ferris wheel though (hmm, what was she thinking). XD

There could be a rival school or something going there to start a ruckus ... rarely happens but not impossible.

As for traditional garb...Chifuyu DID wear that yukata when they were at the seaside resort, so she could put one on for much later in the evening when she's done all her work or whatever excuse she comes up with. Same with Tabane, they don't want to walk around in it all night, but I can see them putting it on to enjoy the festival a little bit.

Of course all the girls would try to impress Ichika with wearing a kimono. Not so impressive to see Cecila trying to walk in it, or the others that are not used to Japanese formal wear for that matter. XD But they shall troop it out, and thus ALL of their straps will break. XD
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