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@ Tempest - Wait, ANYONE can dress up as miko's and just volunteer to be dunked? What do they get out of it?

I don't think ALL of them would break.....right? Chifuyu, Maya, Houki, Tatenashi, Kanzashi and Rin have lived in Japan for a while so they should know how to walk properly. Honne and Tabane are native Japanese, but their clumsiness would override any experience they have.

Also, do guys have a traditional garb for festivals as well? And if so, would Ichika wear one? Because if he does then I doubt he can carry two with the restrictive garment.

@ Demi - The biggest problem I tend to have is that people assume "Hate and Hostility" to mean "Tsundere". In the upcoming chapter, one kid tries to kill another one quite graphically and its only because she's got nano's that she can "no sell" it. And yet, I'll be expecting people to comment that the relationship is tsundere and that they'll get along.
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