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Bizarro glasses eras. Play arland series of atelier games or watcha couple youtube event videos. You will see them. Maybe. That or you never thought of putting them on because they make people look stupid. Case in point, atelier rorona has sterk worrying over rorona because she seems like a helpoless child pitted against impossible tasks. He's 26 and up, Rorona is 17 at best. Sterk used to go out with Rorona's mentor who is 29. Every character ppoints out his acts of chivalry as something of a way to woo rorona. Not that I don't think they fit well since they do but yeah, too old. But japan has a thing that makes that seem okay. Then there's that one picture art of totori the sequel where Sterk is prolly early 30's, Rorona is early 20's and totori is maybe 16 and rorona's student. And it was shown as something resembling a love triangle. It was... Awkward.
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