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Haibane Renpou
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I have to say Za Warudo's H264 version of .hack//Roots is probably the best fansub encode I've seen to date, it raises the bar a notch for all other groups.

Non-scaled 720p AVC encoded image, Vorbis audio and an embedded custom font in a MKV container, other groups please take notes. H264 is hardly new anymore, but it's never come together looking this good in the end before, all in only 230mb. Only Meyrin's Kamichu H264 relases come close, but those are over 300mb and Roots still looks better.

On my almost 4 year old 2.8Ghz P4 it plays perfectly smooth with stock ffmpeg with full H264 deblocking and upscaling to native 1200p resolution. It does create a problem in that fansubs now look much better than what you will eventually be able to buy on DVD when the show is licensed, which will probably lead to more and more series being licensed even before the first episode is aired and distributors coming down hard on groups who distribute licensed material.
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