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Originally Posted by neodrag38
Funny how I never have that problem much less during the installation it's an option to exclude the installation of codecs. Talk about giving a criticism filed with utter arrogance in an invariable tone where there are quite a number of people who wouldn't agree with you.
Yes, and I'm sure the leechers will study and examine the custom installation options quite carefully before installing. Not only that, I bet they'll know exact what every single component does. Oh yeah, and you're totally right, I forgot there were a ton of k-lite supporters and recommendations on this board.

You're in the minority here; not me. The pack doesn't *need* that much stuff crammed into it, and if you're smart enough to deselect the things you don't need and don't want borking your system, then I wager that you're smart enough to install the individual components yourself. Why are you using a bloated codec pack in the first place?

Tried to solve the problem with CCCP through both forum and mirc but in the end there still remained problems. I never installed K-Lite before using CCCP actually, so that's quite a losing bet right there.
Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you, but I'm not going to recommend k-lite (nor would I want anyone else to) based off of one bad expierence (and arguably a freak case).

In any event, we're way off topic from the anime at hand.
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