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I had been watching the .hack series since Sign (did not play the games. I don't like consoles) and so far, I had the feeling that .hack//Roots would be a much more interesting story than even Sign. Anyway, I'm intrique by Tri-Edge. He resembles Kite alot, which makes him a curious character. All I know about him is that he is a PKer (or Ganker in WoW terms).

And regarding Haseo, the way he plays seems to suggest that he is using an alternate character, I agree. Maybe that's the potential Ovan's talking about? That Haseo seems to have aplitude with his character?

And it is already mentioned in Roots, and even shown in Sign, that nobody really knows what is the Key of the Twilight. Though it has been shown in past series that the Key is, in fact, Aura. However, Ovan doesn't know that, does he? He just wants to find it because he believes it is something very powerful (it did gain a legendary status), or he is just very curious of the Key and wants to see it for himself.

And regarding Haseo, I seem to read somewhere that in GU, Haseo is no mere PKer, but a PKPKer, a PKer who targets other PKers.

And demon Haseo seems interesting.
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