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I would like to bring this up again, the above was asked 5 months ago in this thread.

The cdJapan entries all state that the DVDs are "Compilation DVD release from anime series Tweeny Witches". Are they really compilations or is it new material? If it is a compilation then I'm not at all sure if we should consider them as being licensed or not.
Apparently, Media Blasters has the OVA. I checked on their site, and they're listing these as apparently "Adventures". Given the title of the OVA is listed as "The Adventures", I think it's quite clear as to what Media Blasters has. Just for proof, check the Episode Summaries section, and below it, should come up with each episodes as "Destinies 1-14, 15-28,29-40 Adventures 1 - 12".

And just incase you can't get to the site...

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