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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Rebalanced and totally awesome!!

Alistair P. Nakamura
Affiliation: SSR.
Voice: Ami Koshizumi.

Class-X's representative is a serious youth blessed with great strength, resilience and martial prowess for her delicious feminine frame. Alistair carries a blade locked in its ornate sheath, as well as full armor wherever she goes on campus. Her blond hair is almost always tied in a traditional braid looped around the back of her head and tied in place by a ribbon. Nakamura appears aggressive and demands respect as much as obedience. But that doesn’t mean she’s not without compassion; Alistair gives friendship and wisdom beyond her age, sometimes even being a tad mischievous. The girls look up to the class rep, and even the boys, for all their complaints, willingly follow her through hell and back again. This noble used to live in London, studying part-time at Scotland Yard. Now, Alis works tirelessly alongside Prof Xavier to correct the stigma associated with SSR and Class-X, and achieve peace through power.


Notable quote:

"That's Majesty for you, scumbag!"

Yeah I know Jenne and Alistair have similar get-ups.

EDIT: I claim this page in the name of King Nakamura!


Nemo Stark
Affiliation: Amdo.
Voice: Daisuke Ono

Completing the "Delta Force" of Class-X is the obscenely-smart, wise-cracking, incorrigible skirt-chasing heir to the largest weapons and equipment manufacturing empire in the world. He has little in terms of close-combat, but builds and maintains all the equipment used by Class-X. He is known to possess a large variety of supermachines, from the vintage Black Beauty to a black Pontiac TRANS-AM to a transforming convertible to Aston Martins of every flavor. And he is able to keep replacing them as often as Jim wrecks them (though he does encourage him to be a bit gentler to his creations). His family is a generous sponsor of SSR and Amdo work. Using those funds, Nemo has produced inventions on a regular basis, and even built special craft for Class-X’s own use, like the ultrasonic SR-77 Blackbird that Professor X and the A-Team commutes abroad in. The child prodigy is currently involved with Project Nautilus, which is a joint project between Stark Industries and Butei to build the most sophisticated boomer-career submarine ever made by Man.

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