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Name: Liesel H. Beaumont (ライイゼル H. ビユマンツト)
Age: 17
Birthday: 8/31
Rank: B
Division: Medica
Ancestor: Florence Nightingale
Skills: Taking care of people, anything medical
Weak Points: Talking to people
Likes: Helping people out
Dislikes: Communication with other human

Physical Description:
5'4, she has a bit of extra fat around her waist and is a little self-conscious about it and refuses to wear any midriff baring clothes. Dark brown hair cut to a few inches above her shoulders so that it is easier to maintain. Slightly pale skin with a few freckles scattered around. Bites her nails as a nervous habit. Seems to constantly have poison ivy, especially on her arms.

Quite shy, has a difficulty talking to people. Even if she knows someone well she will still choose to be alone. She can be caring when it comes to the injured, and is good at taking care of wounds. Liesel is not afraid of blood, and never gets grossed out by things, which is helpful for the work she does. Mature for her age.

Name: Ichigo Miura (三浦 いちご)
Age: 15
Birthday: 5/28
Rank: A
Division: Assault
Ancestor: Tomoe Gozen
Skills: Knives, sports, staying happy and optimistic
Weak Points: Not talking, being still, judging people
Likes: Sports, fruit, strawberries, talking, knives
Dislikes: Staying still, vegetables, rain,

Physical Description:
4'10. Long, light green hair tied in a high ponytail. Pale skin and brown eyes. She prefers shorts to skirts, because it is easier to run around in shorts and skirts have the tendency to flip and expose her underwear making things awkward. When not in uniform, Ichigo wears shorts with black tights underneath and brightly colored t-shirts . Ties her hair up with a red bow. She has a necklace with a strawberry charm on it. Enjoys getting dirty and taking long shows afterwards.

Very cheerful and most of the time is happy. Judges people as soon as she meets them, which gives her quite a few enemies. Holds grudges, but is not very stubborn. Ichigo is very talkative and does not know when to stop talking, which leads to an inability to tell the mood of her surroundings. Enjoys laughing.
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