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Originally Posted by friendshipz
btw, i suppose animesuki forum is a international site for all human being, so it is common for chinese to hang around in this forum, as long as they could understand the "bits" of english,that would be enough.
well technically we don post chinese vocab in this site..(its too far-fetched for ppl to identify where are you from)
i don't quita understand what did you meant... the ' we do not post chinese vocab'... i believe when a chinese uses chinese language they would type in out in sentences... who would bother to use english and use chinese vocabs... it's quita funny, you know
another thing is that it's not necessary to know where do people come from, is it? if one is willing to tell where he comes from, he would just type it out in his 'location'...
^__^ and you're a chinese too?
to pervent offtopic-ness! it's true that KOTOKO's agony and re-sublimity (plus superation core) is nice, and songs from 'triangle heart' and 'onegai teacher'(as well as its sequel, onegai twins) are great, i personally like a song from a game, 'colorful kiss' which features 'sakuranbo kisu"... that is moe unbelievable! it's really cute (T_T)

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