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Originally Posted by friendshipz
was mean to say that this site is in particular for a "english friendly site"so if other language involved in this site(just put japanese aside from this) it make their language "unfriendly" in this forum, since it is obvious that people who visited this site has knowledge for english(of course there is always some exception for other language speaker)
and second, i was trying to make an explanation from your post about "not seeing much chinese ppl in this forum" issue. Just making an attempt to prove ur statement is wrong there =D.. like i have say, other than english and japanese, other language are "unfriendly" to be posted in this site. so as far as am concern you "cant" identify which native speaker group you belong to same goes to the country you are from , and since in this type of forum we don usually state the "actual" country in our profile
before i go off with my reply i had to admit... i spelt 'prevent' wrongly... lol maybe i was too obssessed with the word 'pervert' lol again
well, no objection for tha 'english-friendly' theory. whatever, i didn't object that pure-chinese threads should be deleted, see?
in fact, i was quite happy that the forum gave us the freedom to use our mother language as long as there's english in it lol
i was probably too happy to find a chinese in the forum
well, we aren't rare... many chinese do japanese translations... i believe there're many of them in the fansub board...
well, whatever...

of course the 楼主(thread owner in simple chinese) is a amateur... a pro singer won't post his/her song here XD however, i believe that she ain't a novice... she sorta have a quite number of fans in the site that hosted her song XP
can't reach the rythem--> practice. this is a small case, really... i can't reach the 'key' itself XD can't blame me... i'm male

p/s: catch any balls? --->what balls did you meant XD lol...
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