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Originally Posted by gutsu
I downloaded the first episode and for some reason or another its not playing properly. I have most codecs but is there one that you specifically need for totan releases? I tried to play it in real player and Windows media player and both worked for the first 5 secs then the footage paused and the audio continued. When I played it in quicktime the footage worked fine but no audio I then deleted it and redownloaded it thinking it was just a corrupted file but unfortunately the same problems remain help please?
You sort of posted this in the wrong section, but what the hell:

1) Avoid using realplayer or quicktime as much as possible.

2) Get the latest Divx or Xvid codec. (just google for them)

3) Still doesn't work? Then go to the site/irc channel of the translation group to see if a specific codec is required.

If all that didn't help (unlikely) post in the 'playback help' forum.
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